When do you join in?

Walk along the active road of life

Ga verder met je verkenning, welkomGa verder met je verkenning, welkom

Your walk on the wide side

What is Walkexe?

Walkexe is a combination of 3 topics which we have combined to one activity.

Walking is the first activity most people in the world are able to do.

We love to spend time in nature and hope that it will benefit for health.

Good walking is to make the right distance which is within your capacity and makes you feel happy and comfortable.

Walk the wide side of life and never be alone

 Exercise is combined with walking. After a short time of walking, often around 30 minutes, we stop and do the exercises that are based on Yotha (www.yotha.info). These exercises suit your age and capacity. This is different for every individual. Instructors are aware of that and will stimulate every person within their individual capacity. The exercise time varies per group from 15 – 30 minutes.

The total walking time can vary from 90 minutes to a few hours. It all depends on the level of the group and the experience of the guide. During every walk, there are drop-out points where people can stay behind and wait to be picked up on return. During all this time we have safety regulations running.

Just walking and exercising is not enough as our minds should be part of all of our activities. An active brain is a need for a healthy body. To activate the brain all participants, get special discussion tasks to perform.

Talking about private matters is the standard when walking with other people. But is our private matter that important to discuss with a. maybe, stranger? From my experience, many people do have difficulty being open and honest to others.

Connecting minds

To be open and honest implies being vulnerable and creating the possibility of problems at a later time. People with something to hide will avoid situations like this and not join our activities while they need it.

Each group gets a theme for every walk. The organization created numerous topics for discussion. While walking we discuss the topics as given and come up with suggestions, facts, and knowledge to share. There is no control as all adults supposed to follow the topic.  After every break for exercise, we change partners and start all over again.

Walkexe is a unique combination of different activities and open to all public of every age and gender. When do you take part?